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So why not her? It was her question to wrestle with, and finally she found her answer.

Apple won confirm it. But Bennett says she is Siri. Professionals who know her voice, have worked with her and represent her legally say she is Siri. And an audio forensics expert with 30 years of experience has studied both voices and says he is "100%" certain the two are the same.

The surprise came in October 2011 after Apple released its iPhone 4S, the first to feature Siri. Bennett didn have the phone herself, but people who knew her voice did.

Her name is Susan Bennett and she lives in suburban Atlanta.

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There are others who vouch for her. But the tech world and specifically the text to speech, or TTS, space is a complicated business, one that shrouded in secrecy and entangled in a web of nondisclosure agreements.

And there sat Bennett, holding onto her secret, laughing and watching it all. For so long she been goaded by others, including her son and husband, to come forward. Her Siri counterparts in the UK and Australia had revealed their identities, after all.

These snippets were then synthesized in a process called concatenation that builds words, sentences, paragraphs. And that is how voices like hers find their way into GPS and telephone systems.

"There are some people that just can read hour upon hour upon hour, and it not a problem. For me, I get extremely bored . So I just take breaks. That one of the reasons why Siri might sometimes sound like she has a bit of an attitude," Bennett said with a laugh. "Those sounds might have been recorded the last 15 minutes of those four hours."

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Behind this groundbreaking technology there is a real woman. While the ever secretive Apple has never identified her, all signs indicate that the original voice of Siri in the United States is a voiceover actor who laid down recordings for a client eight years ago. She had no idea she someday be speaking to more than 100 million people through a not yet invented phone.

"I engaged in substantial negotiations multiple, months long negotiations with parties along the economic food chain, so to speak, that involved her rendering services as the voice of Siri," he told CNN. "It as simple as that."

Graham won divulge details about any deals he made back in 2005. But he has worked with Bennett for 25 years, has recorded "literally millions of words with Susan" and has installed her voice with clients across the globe. He knows her voice as well as anyone, and he doesn hesitate when asked if she and Siri are the same.

She is Siri, Apple voice activated virtual "assistant" introduced to the masses with the iPhone 4S on October 4, 2011.

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The Siri surprise

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Women Nike Roshe Pink

'I'm the Original Voice of Siri'

who the real voice behind Siri is, and so I thought, well, you know, what the heck? This is the time."

Bennett attorney, Steve Sidman, can breach attorney client privilege to share documents and contracts, but since he began representing Bennett in 2012 he been intensely aware of her connection to Siri.

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(CNN) For the past two years, she been a pocket and purse accessory to millions of Americans. She starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel. She provided weather forecasts and restaurant tips, been mocked as useless and answered absurd questions about what she wearing.

The story of how Bennett became this iconic voice began in 2005. ScanSoft, a software company, was looking for a voice for a new project. It reached out to GM Voices, a suburban Atlanta company that had established a niche recording voices for automated voice technologies. Bennett, a trusted talent who had done lots of work with GM Voices, was one of the options presented. ScanSoft liked what it heard, and in June 2005 Bennett signed a contract offering her voice Roshes Shoes For Boys

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like Steve Jobs sent Bennett a thank you note, or a certificate to hang on her wall.

"A colleague e mailed me [about Siri] and said, we been playing around with this new Apple phone. Isn this you? went to her computer, pulled up Apple site and listened to video clips announcing Siri. The voice was unmistakably hers.

For four hours a day, every day, in July 2005, Bennett holed up in her home recording booth. Hour after hour, she read nonsensical phrases and sentences so that the "ubergeeks" as she affectionately Women Nike Roshe Pink calls them; they leave her awestruck could work their magic by pulling out vowels, consonants, syllables and diphthongs, and playing with her pitch and speed.

But a new Apple mobile operating system, iOS 7, with new Siri voices means that Bennett reign as the American Siri is slowly coming to an end. At the same time, tech news site The Verge posted a video last month, "How Siri found its voice," that led some viewers to believe that Allison Dufty, the featured voiceover talent, was Siri. A horrified Dufty scrambled in response, writing on her website that she is "absolutely, positively NOT the voice of Siri," but not before some bloggers had bought into the hype.

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Women Nike Roshe Pink

"Oh, I knew," she said. "It obviously me. It my voice."It certainly does sound like Bennett. But proving who supplied the voice of Siri isn easy. It not Nike Roshe Run Gpx

Bennett is not bound by such restrictions, which is why she talking. But the industry has a vested interest in keeping their voices anonymous.

Bennett, who won divulge her age, fell into voice work by accident in the 1970s. Today, she can be heard worldwide. She speaks up in commercials and on countless phone systems. She spells out directions from GPS devices and addresses travelers in Delta airport terminals.

"The companies are competing to create the best sounding and functioning systems. Their concern is driving revenues," said Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices. "Talking about the voice talent, from their perspective, is likely seen as a distraction."

But Bennett never knew exactly how her voice would be used. She assumed it would be employed in company phone systems, but beyond that didn think much about it. She was paid by the hour she won say how much and moved on to the next gig.

"I really had to weigh the importance of it for me personally. I wasn sure that I wanted that notoriety, and I also wasn sure where I stood legally. And so, consequently, I was very conservative about it for a long time," she said. "And then this Verge video came out . And it seemed like everyone was clamoring to find out Roshe Run Navy Blue And White

Until now, it been a career that afforded her anonymity.

for recordings that would be used in a database to construct speech.

And then there Graham, of GM Voices, a man who has built a career around providing voiceover talent for interactive voice technologies.

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