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Thirt three of them never came home and many more were injured. They are today remembered in modest plaques and memorials across the Roshe Run White Cement southern coalfield. Now it TMs the turn of the northern coalfield to remember its International Brigader.

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He was appointed political commissar of his anti tank unit a sort of military shop steward. The unit lost half its men in the battle of Blumete and Tom himself was later shot in the foot at Saragossa. He quickly recovered but by now the republican forces were in retreat. Nike Roshe Running Shoes Mens

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He was to spend a month in hospital before being transferred to prison where he would spend the next four months. Conditions were atrocious. The prison was built for 250 but housed more than 4,500 with just one toilet for every 350 prisoners. He was suddenly taken to a military court, which found him guilty. In a daze he heard his defence counsel argue for the death sentence to be commuted to 30 years Tom argued that he TMd rather die quickly than suffer a slow death in prison.

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But that year saw hundreds leave Wales to fight in the Spanish Civil War Nike Roshe Run Premium Suede

Roshe Run White Cement

Roshe Run White Cement

International Brigader

Ironically, his parents already thought he was dead the republican government had sent a death certificate believing the whole unit had been wiped out on the Ebro.

By the end of the war in 1939, Franco was keen to make money from the Brigadistas he offered to sell Tom and another UK citizen for 2,000,000 plus a trade pact. In April 1940 he was freed but what should have been a joyful occasion was cut short when he learned both his mother and father had died while he was in Spain.

he was going to Colwyn Bay for the weekend. He was soon illegally entering Spain via France and became involved in the volunteer resistance.

Tom Jones, Rhosllannerchrugog socialist, peace activist and International Brigader

The Basque communist La Pasionara welcomed these fighters mainly communists, mainly miners: The barricades stretch from Madrid to Tonypandy to Maerdy .

the battle between fascism and democracy that was a rehearsal for World War Two.

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In 1938, his unit was surrounded on the Ebro and despite trying to surrender all the prisoners were shot. Tom was hit twice and left for dead with his comrades. As he later tended his wounds, an enemy patrol found him and took him prisoner.

Socialists in the area are trying to organise a memorial similar to that in Aberdare. You are legend. You are the heroic example of democracy TMs solidarity and universality. We shall not forget you and when the olive tree of peace puts forth its leaves again come back!

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Tom Jones was a miner from Rhosllannerchrugog, near Wrexham. He was secretary of the local peace group but felt it necessary to take up arms to defend the Spanish Republic against Franco TMs forces.

THE world is much smaller today than it was in 1936. Most Welsh workers had barely left their own communities, let alone country.

Roshe Run White Cement

He was 27 when he told his parents Roshe For Girls 2018

Roshe Run White Cement

Roshe Run White Cement

Roshe Run White Cement

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