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johnnybgoode 1822 days ago link

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No one is Awesome by default. We all suck when we start out. No one is "expected" to be awesome be they male or female. So I don't see how "Awesome Female Coder" implies that females are not expected to be awesome.

It has to do with the significance of adjective ordering in English."Awesome female coder" implies "awesome among the set of female coders". That's why I put it in the title. I thought the point of creating a title was to highlight the interesting aspects of a story?

gojomo 1822 days ago link

jv2222 1822 days ago link

johnnybgoode 1822 days ago link

There is absolutely nothing interesting about a developer being female. We're not in the 1950s, let's stop with the notion that it is a big deal when a woman does something that mostly men Roshe Run Print have done before.

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Interview With Awesome Female Coder

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They meant "are expected not to be".

I've worked with Corrinne in the past, and I for one do actually think she is awesome. She's one of those engineers that lives and breathes her work. We'd be eating lunch and then out of nowhere Red Nike Roshe Womens

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glhaynes 1822 days ago link

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she'd exclaim things like, "HEY GUYS check out the REFRACTIONS in this CUP OF ICE it's so BEAUTIFULLY RENDERED!!" and then she'd go back to her desk and try to hack it Women Nike Roshe Shoes

also be true, of course, but it sounds as if you're saying that there are aspects of her femaleness that are awesome."Awesome Male Coder" makes me think of Chuck Norris typing machine code by roundhouse kicking his keyboard

I've been a professional developer for more than five years now, and I've only worked with about THREE female developers. Three out of probably more than 100. Is there any profession or hobby that you would find interesting if a male excelled and generally kicked ass at it?

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yalurker 1822 days ago link

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Yes. Intentional or not, "Awesome Female Coder" kind of implies that female coders are not expected to be awesome, which, ironically, is probably exactly the opposite of what the OP is trying to communicate.

Yes, no one is awesome by default, but it implies that females are less likely to be awesome. Unless, of course, when you describe a male hacker you also call him an "Awesome Male Coder".

IsaacSchlueter 1822 days ago link

Interestingly, my first parsing of "Awesome Female Coder" not that she's an awesome coder who is female, but rather than she's an awesome female who is a coder. Which may perhaps Roshe Run Nike

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