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interviews and a ton of great advice. And you get the benefit of having 40 past ones to catch up on.

Roshe Run Custom

I've actually checked out two, I'm done with reading one will check out two more this week. I'd encourage you to read the books on the list. I'd also encourage you to just poke around in the forums and learn from other's questions.

Roshe Run Custom

Roshe Run Custom

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Roshe Run Custom

Roshe Run Custom

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Will you be doing it out of Brooklyn? Where ever you do it remember even though your stratagy is buy and hold you make your money at the purchasing table. Meaning try to purchase with equity already in the property or below market value. Like all the books say "look for the worst house on the best block" that way with a little bit of improvement your ahead of the game. Also, don make the mistake of leaving out the neighborHOODs that you yourself would not live in. Its about the bottom line cash flow and also I like to improve someone else quality of life in the process. Why buy a house for $140,000 and get $800 dollars rent when you Roshe Run Custom can buy 4 houses at $35,000 and get $550 each ($2200). Regardless of which approach you take you're going to have to know the s and have have a team i place that helps you make it profitable. I recommend checking out these books:Re: your question about Nike Roshe Run Print Black

where I have weaknesses. For example I am good at finding the deals but don't have great organizational skills so a good partner to compliment me would be someone who is organized and pays attention to detail but doesn't like dealing with sellers. If I'm looking for funds then I'm seeking a financial partner who has funds to contribute.

Any kind of investing is good. It really comes down to your goals. If your looking for quick money then wholesaling or flipping is what you should do. If your looking for long term wealth building then buy hold comes into play.

Roshe Run Custom

Your bf being a good partner really depends on how you two work together and what roles you will both play in the partnership. When I look for a partner, I look for someone who has strengths Roshe Run Vs Yeezy

Roshe Run Custom

Roshe Run Custom

Roshe Run Custom

Two Great reads, I bought both J.

interested in buy and hold

your boyfriend being a business partner I'd say, I don't know because it depends on your situation and what each of you are bringing to the partnership. If you elaborate on why you want a business partner and what each of your responsibilities will be then I'd be happy to give you some specific advice. I also want to buy hold. I've been on BP for about a week now and I've found it useful. It's true you really don't know what you don't know. I have read a few threads and forums. I've listen to a pod cast I've checked out several of the books on BP list to read. In that short time I've learned a lot to know I need to learn more before I make my first deal (6 12 months).

Consider checking out HUD homes for small multi's owner occupied gets first crack.

Here's the link for the books ()

1 thing I've learned so far is to know my investment area which I'm beginning to look into.

Roshe Run Custom

Roshe Run Custom

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