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The timing matched up to when her family split, and her dad was with the same woman at the time.

But three weeks ago, she tried again, this time on Facebook. She searched her dad's wife's maiden name, found a few matches and began looking at whatever pictures she could find. One photo was of a woman and a Hispanic man, with a photo on the same profile that read, "I've loved you for 17 years."

She connected with Juan Valadez, her first cousin.

"I didn't know my kids were in Georgia," Jose Valadez said. "When I'd searched their names before, there were hundreds of them. There was no way to figure it out."

"I knew his name, but I didn't know his birth date," Juana Valadez said. "I knew his wife's name, one of my aunts' names and my grandfather's, but none of them showed up in the search either."

They discussed the basics of why he hadn't been in her life for 17 years, and he said he wasn't in love with her mother and her mother didn't want him around their kids.

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Finally, a 'connection'

Juana Valadez wrote the woman a Facebook message inquiring about whether she may be married to her father, but to no avail.

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Nike Roshe Run Retro Black

his dad what happened to his cousins."

Juana Valadez began searching vigorously for her father when she was 17 years old, seven years ago. She was a freshman in high school and was pregnant with her first daughter.

"When my brother called me, I was so nervous and shaking that my wife had to hold my hand," said Juana Valadez's father, Jose Valadez.

"It had been a week since I sent the message, and she didn't respond," Juana Valadez said. "I kept checking my Facebook every few minutes to see if she'd read it, see if she'd read it, see if she'd read it. She never wrote back."

"So many nights I cried and wondered where you were and if you were safe," Jose Valadez told her.

She put the search on hold when her mother had a massive stroke in 2007. It wasn't until after her mother died in December 2012 that Juana Valadez tried again to find her dad.

She expected her father to be in Chicago, where her mother had left him and taken her and her brother.


Nike Roshe Run Retro Black

Nike Roshe Run Retro Black

The 24 year old Kennesaw woman last saw her father when she was 7 years old. She hadn't spoken to him since her parents split 17 years ago and has been missing a father figure ever since.

Internet helps Cobb resident reunite family

Nike Roshe Run Retro Black

Nike Roshe Run Retro Black

Juan Valadez contacted his father, Juana Valadez's uncle, and told him about the conversation. "He said so many times after my mom and brother and I fell off the face of the planet, the whole family wanted to know what Nike Roshe Run Retro Black happened to us," she said. "But I still didn't know if my dad wanted to hear from me."

"My mom had quite a few boyfriends, but they were far from a dad," she said. "They were never good to me or my brother. That played a part in trying to find my dad for so long."

"I'd thought about it a few times after she passed, but thought it may be too soon," Juana Valadez said.

She stopped her search, discouraged by getting no information from People Search online, after almost two months. She also didn't want to upset her mother.

'I didn't know my kids were in Georgia'

So Juana Valadez stopped torturing herself waiting and went through the woman's "friends" list to find people with the same last name.

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She wanted to know her dad, but said her mom convinced her he'd want nothing to do with her or her brother, Victor.

"He said I looked familiar and I told him who I was," she said. "He asked if I had a brother named Victor and if my mother was white. Plenty of times he'd asked Nike Roshe Custom Men

Juana Valadez had searched for years, on and off, for her father using online people searches that always came to a dead end.

She eventually got on the phone with him, and they both started crying.

Nike Roshe Run Retro Black

"This all happened within two hours of me contacting the guy who ended up being my cousin," Juana Valadez said. "It was so overwhelming that I had to get my boyfriend to call my dad because I was too nervous."

"I told my mom this was my first child, and I really wanted my dad to be a part of it," Juana Valadez said. "She gave me her opinion and said I'd be better off without him, and that if I found him it would be hard to hear that my parent didn't want Nike Roshe Kids Blue

daughter. Immediately Juana's father told his brother to get the two of them in touch.

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Her uncle called his brother, also living in Fargo, and told him he'd spoken to Juana and asked if he wanted to know his Women Nike Roshe Pink

Coming up dry in Chicago

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