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Crandall said he is most passionate about "personalized learning" that customizes lessons to the specific needs of individual students.

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He said he announced earlier this year that he is retiring his state Senate seat so he can pursue his "dream job" of leading a school system.

"My background is sort of unique because I'm not a teacher who became a principal, who became a local superintendent and is now trying to become a state superintendent," he said. "I've worked across all sorts of areas, from philanthropy to think tanks to government to the nonprofit world, and all of that has really given me a broad exposure to K 12 and higher education policy."

to rebuilding the trust among the state department and school districts throughout the state.

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For the open part of the selection process, each candidate had 30 minutes to introduce themselves and field questions from about two dozen state education workers and other Nike Roshe Running Shoes Black And White

Crandall has been a past chairman of the Arizona Senate and House education committees. He also is the president and chief financial officer of a dietician firm that provides consulting services to nursing homes.

He said his connection would be an asset when it comes Nike Roshe Run Marble Red

that kill them because they don't do anything for education and they are just a distraction," he said. "So I said I don't want, at the end of 10, 12, 14 years (of being a legislator), to be known as the best 'no' voter Arizona has ever had.

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"I frankly find it completely intolerable that a student who is not served well by a particular school can't find a place where he can thrive," he said. "So I just don't have patience for any system whether it's rural, urban, suburb or whatever that tells a parent there is just one option for their kid."

Four of the six semifinalists were interviewed privately Friday by the State Board of Education and publicly by members of the public. The two remaining candidates will be interviewed Saturday.

Olson is the director of business development for Silverback Learning Solutions, an educational technology company in Boise, Idaho.

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Sentance is a Nike Roshe Run Nm W Sp consultant based in Concord, Mass., specializing in educational change.

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He said following through on the state's move to the Common Core curriculum would be among his goals.

Crandall, a Republican state senator in Arizona, said he wouldn't shy away from "wholesale changes" that incorporate technology and other innovative learning methods into the classroom.

He said this includes supporting homeschooling and recommending changes to state law to make it easier for charter schools to develop.

He is also a former superintendent of the Natrona County School District in Casper.

He also has held local, state and federal education posts, including being Massachusetts' secretary of education and a senior education adviser in the governor's office during the 1990s.

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"It is the future of K 12 because we are no longer restricted to teaching the same thing on the same day and moving at the same pace," he said. "Technology allows us to do a complete overhaul of all of that."

Hokanson, president of Arlington, Va. based Hokanson Consulting, told the audience that promoting school choice is one of his areas of focus.

"Things are such in Arizona right now that with all these crazy bills that come through, there are about six of us Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

"This is not a Wyoming problem, this is nationwide problem," he said. "We are very, very used to the way we have done it . and I could walk into almost any school and it wouldn't look that much different from the schools I've attended back in the '70s and '80s."

"I worked and lived with a number of folks in this state," he said. "Now, that was 12 to 15 years ago. But other than being 24 pounds heavier, an inch and a half shorter, a lot grayer and, in many instances, having a lot more experience, I'm still the same person."

"I think the Common Core would be an improvement if it is implemented with fidelity and focus," he said. Department of Education during President George W. Bush's administration.

interviews begin for Wyoming education director

But he said teachers also need accountability standards that are achievable and flexible enough for them to do their jobs properly.

"So I decided to retire midterm to pursue my passion, which is education."

members of the public.

"Teachers are happy when they know they are effective and efficient," he said. "And they are unhappy when things stand in the way of making that occur."

Olson said the state's accountability efforts need to apply to the state Department of Education, as well as to the individual schools.

CHEYENNE Candidates vying to be the next Wyoming Department of Education director shared their visions for accountability standards, the common core curriculum and other reforms during the first day of interviews for the position.

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Nike Roshe Run Nm W Sp

Although none of the six semifinalists currently live in Wyoming, he has the strongest ties to the state of the group.

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