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way to write this stuff, or is that the usual way to do it? (I can write nasty Perl, but choose to write pretty Perl, because I like my job. What would an APL user do?)

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sofuture 1274 days ago link

I know enough J to wish other languages had some of its features. Like macros in Lisp, working in J expands your mind.

It's more general than you'd think though it is a drastically different way of looking at problems. You have to set your sights a bit further up the scope of the problem, and that takes a lot of getting used to. Thinking in terms of the whole instead of the step is a lot different from most other programming!(I'm only a novice J programmer, but I quite like the language.)

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As someone who is not exactly in the know about this subject: is there a cleaner Roshe Run Shoes Blue

forkandwait 1275 days ago link

koenigdavidmj 1274 days ago Roshes Mens Camo

Sum in J is +/ not, $ Is +/ really too hard to comprehend? I agree with you that APL is historically important, but J is Ken Iverson's last and greatest gift to Nike Roshe Run Womens Black

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gcanyon 1275 days ago Nike Roshe Run Floral White link

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It's a lot like math notations. java/cobol) once you've gotten used to a concise notation. And even if you _do_ go back to verbose, you are overall much better for knowing what's a concise way to putting everything, and converging towards that with your limited tools.

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the programming community. He used the 26 years between the release of APL and J to address many of the shortcomings of APL. The parallel structure in the J code should be plainly evident even if you don't know anything about J.

beagle3 1274 days ago link

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Of course, once you're fluent, you're fluent, but it looks like Vim to the Vim'th power.

We have a guy at work who uses J for everything, since he came of age doing data analysis in APL, when APL was the only interpreted and powerful matrix language out there. (At times my friend will say something like "in J you can compute the sum of a matrix IN JUST ONE LINE. and I will point to "sum(A)" in matlab, as opposed "$ in J, or whatever it is.)K may be more brain friendly than J. But as far as I am concerned, J makes assembler and badly written Perl look easy to read.

if only to understand this thing

By cleaner, do you mean more verbose? For example, the well known phrase for average in J is (average=: +/ % ). (sum=: +/), (divide=: %), (tally=: ) and defining the function as (average=: sum divide tally). It is tempting to learn J this way, but once you are familiar with the primitives, it makes more sense to just use them. You can pack a lot of thought into very few character, which is one of J's strengths. .


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