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rich middle east cities. Guess who turning a blind eye? The government where the cities are, and the governments of those immigrants being taken advantage of. They ignored by both sides.

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Because they don have the choice to leave, and they usually don get given the full details before they arrive.

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You live in a poverty riden rural area, and an "enganchador" (lit. hooker, but its kind or a recruiter) comes town and offers you a job elsewhere. So your options are either debtors prison or ask your new boss for a single early payment. That is, nobody except for "la tienda de raya" your bosse personal side business, that is happy to extend you a credit line with your paycheck ("la raya") as warranty. An extremely unusual degree of self control over a lengthy period of time is required to cut down your consumption enough so that you will sometime pay your debt. If you manage to do that, you will be able to shop at the same stores as normal people does, and benefit from it. Anything more you want you have to buy with the pittance that remains (or on credit), from suppliers you have access to given the travel, communications, etc., that the company chooses allow you access to through the companies "free" and paid services which, usually, means through the company itself.

It sound pretty Utopian to me. The problem with giving full control of the means needed for your own existence to some external entity (even a "Benevolent Tyrant"), is that when that entity begins making unreasonable demands you will be compelled to say "yes" under duress. Now, fine, sure, we all want to live in a nice world where people don need to make such a choice. I choose (and other things) to work so I will not suffer, so I can provide for my loved ones and have them not suffer. But Nike Roshe Print Men

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I see, so you going to argue against historical company towns instead of my as yet undetermined suggestion. Nike Roshe Run Black And White Camo We have "company towns" right now in Dubai and those oil Roshes Run Custom

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in my example people have the ch

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being held captive, or being forced to agree to work under duress. Of course not."Sometimes I do what I want to. The rest of the time, I do what I have to."

omegaham 13 days ago link

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Seems like a fair question, one I like a thorough answer to. Not sure why the downvote. I can see why there are downsides, sure, but the slavery comparison would need more support.

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The big reason is that a scumbag company then realizes that there a lot of money that they just giving to people. It like making ExxonMobil an environmental protection agency; there a conflict of interest. Since you have your workers in debt to you, you effectively paying them less because they have to pay off the debt. Now, instead of paying them 8 bucks an hour, you actually paying them 6 bucks an hour because a quarter of their income is going toward paying off their debts. As debts mount, you now paying them 4 bucks an hour. You can further speed this process along by overcharging for goods and services. You like money, right?"

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