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Even in the negligible timescale of our own species we seen repeated cycles of collapse, the planet is littered with the remains of failed species. The only reason this needs study is because we so arrogant as to believe there an exemption clause in the fine print of the immutable laws of the universe, just for us. Scarier still is that we don even have to be all godded up to believe that, it how we born. (Tangent: watch "Through The Wormhole" the episode "Does Belief in God Cause More Self Control?")A collapse is coming, it just a question of when. 10 years? 100 years? 1000 years? a million?Personally I lean toward the lower end of the scale. Whilst a substantial percentage of the world subscribes philosophies that essentially reinforce our innate belief that the earth "belongs" to man. Her resources perhaps put there for us to consume by some higher being. We pretty fucked. Ecological responsibility can be discussed with any creature that ultimately believes that a a higher being provides for them. Whilst first world populations are shrinking, the third world is growing, and we in the first world can even agree that it would be in our own long term interests to pay for the education and food of every last man, woman and child amongst them that needs it. The reasons are purely selfish: it the only humane way we can have even the slightest chance of avoiding a world with 10 + billion people on it. If the thought of that doesn terrify you, it should. Assuming we agree Nike Roshe Gray Womens that societal patterns observed in the past hold true of the future, then trouble and strife breeds conflict, Nike Roshe Slip On White

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Please, not this thing about defense spending again . you could feed and clothe them many times over, for many generations, with all the entitlement spending .

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I don imagine this is something that sits well with the entrepreneurial spirit of HN readersWould that explain why this post moved from number 3 on HN to bottom of page 3 in a matter of minutes?

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The Roman did exhaust their environment though. Soil depleted, habours silted up, and forests disappeared.

three different scenarios simulated in 1972 with the actual development over 30 years. When you look at them keep in mind that Standard Run and Comprehensive Technology lead to a collapse, only Stabilized World keeps humans happy. So there is definitely something quantifiable to it independent of any Nike Roshe Sneakerboot Men's

world and it would pay for it many times over, not one human being excluded we can

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breeds fascism, breeds violence. Picture a world a few decades from now where the poorest two thirds, armed with today most horrific weapons use the model set by the past as their compass for the future. I wager the odds are heavily stacked in favour of things getting very bloody at some point. Believing that, whilst some may play with cataclysmic weapons, the genie will stay in the bottle for the rest, is naive at best. We evolved geared to favour today and next week over next month or next year. Few plan and act for long term benefit even on a human scale, and collectively that going to bite us in the ass. "I gonna share with you a vision that I had, cause I love you. And you feel it. You know all

Instead just play with this if we spent that money feeding and clothing the poor of the

Industrial civilisation headed for

The Club of Rome [1] did the same thing in 1972 with its famous study The Limits to Growth [2] and came to similar conclusions. An updated version Beyond the Limit [3] has been published after 20 years in 1993. For example, the Romans didn collapse because of environmental reasons. This makes them a tough jigsaw piece to squeeze into a deep environmentalist collapse puzzle. Probably because he is not an economist but a professor of archeology.

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Grab this PDF [1] scroll to the end and look at the charts comparing Orange Nike Roshe Run

And accomplish what, a reversal of roles?I ravished by the sheer implausibility of that. Carry on.

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explore space together, both inner and outer, forever in peace." Bill Hicks

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Nike Roshe Gray Womens

that money we spend on nuclear weapons and defense each year, trillions of dollars, correct?

Tainter explanation for their collapse was the diminishing marginal utility of the "conquer and collect tribute" mechanism that had served them so well in previous centuries.

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