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The debacle was recorded by ex sergeant Cliff Housley, retired Foresters Nike Roshe Run Black Tumblr

The captured Foresters were led into the private garden and, inside a long arcade, they saw British equipment, taken by the Germans in Norway, laid out on the floor.

"Even so, the territorials managed to worry, sometimes to balk, the enemy who enjoyed initiative and surprise, together with air supremacy."

They drove past the Olympic Stadium, the Brandenburger Gate, down Wilhelmstrasse past the German Foreign Office and Hitler's Chancellery and finally to some barracks near the River Spree.

THERE was an extraordinary postscript to the story of the Foresters in Norway, revealed by Cliff Nike Roshe For Girls Tumblr Housley in his excellent book.

Under equipped and ill trained, the territorial force mostly drawn from North Notts were thrown into battle in frozen Scandinavia against the elite of the German Army.

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The Newark based battalion drew men from all over Notts, including Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Worksop, Retford, Southwell, Arnold and Carlton.

Among the Foresters captured by the Germans was commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Tom Ford and a junior officer 2nd Lt "Butch" Laing, who was able to speak German.

Writing about how the 8th Battalion was created on the day Hitler marched his armies into Poland, he said: "Their tally of weapons, signaling equipment, transport and training resources was inadequate for war Roshe Run 2018 Women

Two more died as prisoners of war and one died after release on his way back to Britain.

Pte Ronald Askew of Worksop, Lt Roger Bradley of Nottingham, Pte Henry Brown of Mansfield, Pte Charles Bryan of Skegby, Quartermaster Sgt Reginald Cleary of Notts, Cpl George Cordon of Notts, Pte Leonard Cowdroy of Lincoln, Pte Haydn (Joe) Davey, Pte William Dickinson of Glamorgan, Lt John Esam of Kelham, Pte William Fletcher of Rotherham, Pte Percy Flint of Derby, Pte Frank Godwin of Gloucestershire, Pte Leonard Jones of Swansea, Pte Samual Kendrink of Staffs, Cpl Henry Maslin of Worksop, Pte Lewis Mellors of Arnold, Lt James McConnell, Pte Norman Pritchard of Glamorgan, Pte John Rook of Nottingham, Pte Richard Scott of Newark, Pte George Stanton of Notts, Lance Cpl Albert Taylor of Notts, Pte George Till of Walsall, Pte Alfred Woolf of Nottingham, 2nd Lt John Wright of Lowdham.

Of the total of up to 800 8th Battalion men, the Norwegian campaign cost the lives of 26.

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Chamberlain left office in defiant mood, telling the nation: "Hitler has chosen a moment when, perhaps, it seemed to him that this country was entangled in the throes of a political crisis and he might find it divided against itself.

They were flown from Oslo to Copenhagen and then on to Germany and a bus took them into the heart of the German capital.

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more would have met a similar fate had it not been for their enormous personal courage.

and insufficient to advance rapidly the training of all ranks for service in the field.

Their destination was the Chancellery. and an appointment with Adolf Hitler.

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"It was no mean achievement, the product of considerable fortitude, as this account discloses. It is both a cautionary and an inspiring tale."

"Six months later, there were still members of the battalion who had never had the opportunity to throw a live grenade or to fire the Bren light machine gun, the basic fire weapon of the infantry.

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Inspiring tale about taking on Nazi elite

"If he has counted upon our internal divisions to help him he has miscalculated the mind of this people."

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Nike Roshe For Girls Tumblr

He served briefly in Churchill's war cabinet as Lord President of the Council until he retired through illness in October 1940. He died of cancer the following month.

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Twenty nine failed to make it back. Many Roshe Nike Womens Pink

Nike Roshe For Girls Tumblr

Nike Roshe For Girls Tumblr

Fighting in snow three feet deep, the battalion, hopelessly overpowered, cracked under the strain and on April 23, 1940, they fled into frozen waste, some attempting to walk 150 miles to the safety of the Swedish border after it became clear they could not reach ships sent to rescue them.

The Royal Navy successfully evacuated 368 battalion members.

The following morning they were escorted to waiting taxis by a German Luftwaffe colonel: "tall, heavily built, monocled, fair, with heels ever ready to click" was how Lt Laing described him after the war.

assistant museum curator and archivist, in his book First Contact, which included a foreword by General Sir Anthony Farrar Hockley, former Commander in Chief of NATO Forces in Northern Europe.

Died after release from prison camp: Pte Ronald Cain of Notts.

Died in prison camps when in enemy hands: Pte Ronald Crocker of Glamorgan, Pte Joseph Frost of Notts.

The disastrous British campaign in Norway, in which about 4,000 Allied soldiers were lost, forced the resignation of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

Also, Labour leader Clement Attlee made clear his party would not work with a coalition government under Chamberlain. Lord Halifax was offered the position of prime minister but turned it down and Winston Churchill was chosen as leader.

"Yet they were deemed ready, together with a number of other territorial battalions in the same situation, to enter battle against the highly trained and equipped German army, which invaded Norway on April 9, 1940.

A few days later, they were woken and, with a sergeant and private, told they were being taken to Berlin.

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